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The Rusty Spade

Red Tip Photinia

Red Tip Photinia

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Red-Tip Photinia bushes (Photinia fraseri) are a very popular evergreen shrub because of their versatility and vibrant color. Photinia shrubs can be used as privacy screens or noise buffers around your home or property, enhancing peaceful seclusion. They will add year-round visual interest, as well as a cost-efficient way to boost the aesthetic and value of your property.  

The Red-Tip Photinia shrub grows best in zones 6-9, making it highly tolerant of varying conditions, including drought. It grows well in full sun and part shade. They look beautiful manicured into a hedge, left to grow free, or pruned into a tree. This fast growing shrub, left untrimmed will grow up to 20ft high and 10 ft wide. 

Your plant will come potted in a 4" nursery pot, and will be at least a foot tall. 

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